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Thermostat Honeywell Tipe T6373
Thermostat Honeywell Tipe T6373
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Thermostat Honeywell Tipe T6373

Spesifikasi Thermostat AC 

Honeywell XE-70 thermostat, 230Vac, 2-pipe fan-coil, fan & valve control, T6372/ T6373

Wall mounted line voltage fan-coil thermostat.
For control of the valve, or the valve and the fan in 2-pipe fan-coil applications.
Approvals: CE
Protection class: IP30
Switch function/ capacity: SPDT 230Vac, 4 A resistive, 2 A inductive ratings
T6372C and T6373C use a pipe thermostat ( L641B1004) to provide automatic heat/ cool changeover, depending on the temperature of the water supplied to the fan-coil unit. T6373A1157 requires a central switch to change from heating to cooling, for central control of multiple units.
Terminal max. wire size: 1, 5mm2
Temp. setpoint range: 10...30C
Differential fixed: 1C
Temperature element: vapour filled
Temp. element place: built in
Heat anticipator: yes
Product literature language: Multilingual
Earthing: double insulated
Housing ( HxWxD) : 130mm| 85mm| 40mm

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