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Thermostat Honeywell T6360
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Thermostat Honeywell T6360

Spesifikasi Thermostat AC 


Honeywell Room thermostat 230 Vac, with SPDT output, T6360

Wall mounted line voltage room thermostat.
For general purpose control of gas valves, zone valves, circulation pumps, ventilators, boilers etc. in heating or cooling systems.
Approvals: CE
Protection class: IP30
Switch function/ capacity: SPDT 230 Vac, heating terminal 10 A resistive, 3 A inductive; cooling terminal 6 A resistive, 2 A inductive
Lamp is generally supplied potential free, and can be wired to indicate heating or cooling operation, or boiler lockout.
Terminal max. wire size: 4mm2
Temp. setpoint range: 10...30C
Differential fixed: 1C
Temperature element: vapour filled
Temp. element place: built in
Heating / Cooling application: H or C
Earthing: double insulated
Housing ( HxWxD) : 83mm| 83mm| 40mm

Heat anticipator: no
Manual operation functions: no

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