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Compressor Bristol H2NG294DPEF
Compressor Bristol H2NG294DPEF
Compressor Bristol H2NG294DPEF
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Jual Compressor Bristol H2NG294DPEF

Spesifikasi Compressor Bristol H2NG294DPEF

Compressor Bristol H2NG294DPEF

Spesifikasi Kompresor AC 

Refrigerant: R22 Series Family: G

Technical Specifications:

VoltagePhaseFrequencyEvaporator Temperature Range
460V360-20°F to 55°F
Capacity (Btu/hr)287 400
Motor Input (Watt)30 360
Current (Amp)43.5
EER (Btu/W-hr)9.5
Efficiency (%) 
Evaporating Temp.°F45
Condensing Temp.°F130
Ambient Temp.°F95
Liquid Temp.°F115
Return Gas Temp.°F65

Nominal Performance Data @ 60 Hz (±5%) based upon 72hr run-in

Mechanical Data

Bore X Stroke2.188 X  1.375 in Speed3500 rpm
Displacement N/A ft3/hr IPRV Setting400 - 500 ΔP(psi)
DisplacementN/A in3/rev Refrigerant Charge Limit20 lb

Electrical Data

RLA: 43.9LRA: (1st Winding) : N/A
(Full Winding) : 200
MCC: 69.0
Voltage Range: 414 - 506Protection Type: Pilot Duty
U.L. File: SA5470CE Approval: YesCCC Approval: Yes


Motor Res. in Ohms (?) ± 5%

Electrical Accessories

Module Voltage OptionsCrankcase Heater
  24V Module, Bristol P/N:    241770 (INT 369R)Watts :           Wrap Around - 95
Bristol P/N :   Tutco 02-4157
120V Module, Bristol P/N:    241771 (INT 369R)Recommended Valves :
230V Module, Bristol P/N:    241771 (INT 369R)Suction Bristol P/N :     250526
 Discharge Bristol P/N : 250527

Other Technical Info

Oil Name: Alkylbenzene 150TOil Charge
Oil Spec: 581006Initial Charge: 224 ozRecharge: 208 oz
Viscosity: 28.2 cSt @ 40°C  
Internal Free Volume: 1 759 in3Weight Net: 268.0 lb 
Max. Compressor Height: 21.75 inWeight Shipped: 280.0 lb


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